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Set Design and Construction
Sister Cities
Dragon Theater, Palo Alto

Dragon Theater of Palo Alto, CA, staged a production of Sister Cities by Colette Freedman, directed by Dale Albright. This represents NAO's first production involving both set design and construction. The script called for a single living room set, with exterior window, front door, hallway, bathroom, and various amenities. The set was well-received, with reviews such as:
"The set was easily the best I've seen at the Dragon." -Cy Ashley Webb, Stark Insider
"Neal Ormond's unit set captures Mary's living room nicely. The furniture is believable, and the details are exquisite . . ." - Ande Jacobson, A Good Reed Review
"The nicely constructed set made me believe that I was in Mary Baxter's house" -Colette Freedman, playwright, Sister Cities
"Neal Ormond's set is both serviceable and attractive, a cheerful middle-class living room with a bit of taste and a touch of schmaltz" -Jeannie Smith, Palo Alto Weekly