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Wanna fly? You can come close on the Dromo, a new structure from NAO. This modular and portable tripod-dome assembly serves as an observation tower, lighting and audio trusswork, and as overhead rigging for intense bungee bounce battles or solo bungee workouts. Each of the 3 legs bolts together from 4 segments, each a little smaller than the other so the 4 segments nest inside each other and pack up into 3 manageable bundles- one for each leg. The structure is made from lightweight tubular steel and total weight is around 700 pounds, making the Dromo surprisingly easy to transport and set up with just 3 people. The structure is assembled starting with the top pieces and adding one segment at a time to each leg, gradually hoisting the structure into position, and allowing the various segments to be separated or rearranged to suit a venue's conditions. Once assembled, the structure is 24 feet tall and can support several thousand pounds. A seat at the top provides a place to relax with an unparalleled view. The trusswork is conveniently scaled for easy climbing all over the structure, and allows an unlimited variety of configurations of lighting and sound equipment. Employed as a bungee-bounce structure, the Dromo utilizes a crossbar at the top to mount bungees which can support two people opposite each other for wild, flying "battles", or a single person clipped into two lines for an experience that can be likened to jumping and flipping in low gravity. And it's a workout!