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Light Goggles

These goggles can come in handy for illumination in a dark setting, shining their light wherever the wearer looks, but this utility is surpassed by the bizarre look the goggles impart. They are constructed from rubber, plastic, leds, and elastic. Each eye houses 7 white leds, powered by a single 9v battery (enough juice for 8 hours of use) which sits in a pocket on the straps. The secret to these goggles is the 1-inch hole in the center of each eyepiece- the hole lets the wearer see out with only limited obstruction of peripheral vision. To the observer however, the brightness of the eye lights in a dark or even partially dim situation causes the observer's pupils to contract in reaction to the bright light, which causes the dark holes in the center to appear not as holes through which the wearer is looking but rather as solid, pseudo-pupils on the goggles. This gives the effect that the wearer is looking out not through the holes but rather through the entirety of each light-up eye. People will wonder aloud how you are able to see through them, and some will even ask you if they provide x-ray vision. No x-ray vision on this model, though. Maybe on version 2.0 . . .