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Homey the Homing Penguin

Travel anywhere in the world and this robotic penguin will show you the way home, to within just a few feet! Standing 9" tall and powered by NiMH batteries, Homey rides on two servomotor wheels and utilizes a small GPS antenna in his head, along with a digital compass, to determine his position worldwide and navigate back to his home location. This location can be easily reprogrammed for anywhere the user chooses. In Navigation Mode Homey will drive forward towards home, constantly reassessing his location and correcting his course, continuing determinedly until he finally reaches home. In Pointing Mode, he constantly monitors his direction and will always readjust to simply point toward home, eliminating the possibility of him wandering off as in Navigation mode. In Dance Mode, he simply rocks out to his own beat, no GPS needed :) All functions are controlled by squeezing a button in Homey's left arm, and he even has full speech capability to help the user navigate through his settings and to make the occasional silly or encouraging comment to urge the user to follow him home. He can also store location lists and tell the user what country, city, or specific location he's at, as well as telling the accurate time and date. Homey has blue light-up eyes that indicate his status, and his robotic guts can be installed in any size or type of body.